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Roxy and Crue earned started sheep legs in ASCA, while Mike earned a started Duck leg

Roxy earned her RL1-AOE with scores over 205

Mike earned his RL1-AOE with scores all over 203 and added 16 Level 1 ARCH points

Charlie earned her very first ARCH EX leg

Crue earned OUR very first ARCH EX leg

Crue also earned 2 qualifying scores in CDSP obedience (188.5, 189.5).

December 2012

Roxy and Mike both earn UR02 titles in rally.  Roxy adds a UR03 leg with a 99/100!

Crue and his new Jr Handler Kam, earn 1 URX leg and 12 points towards their UROC!


Roxy takes 2 UKC Best of Breed, including 1 Group 4; Earns a Total Dog award by qualifying in rally - ASCA RN

Summit takes 2 UKC Best of Breed, including 1 Group 4; Earns 2 Total Dog award by qualifying in rally and winning in conformation - ASCA RN - Kam earns Summit's 3rd ASCA RN leg for his title as well as 2 Best Jr Hanlder and 1 Reserve Best Jr.

Charlie takes Altered BOB, Group 1, and Altered Best in Show.  Becoming our first BIS winner! Charlie also earns Sixx Aussies first agility title with a searing 15 second under course time performance in Novice Jumpers.  ASCA JS-N


Crue earns RL1X2 and RL2X2; Mike and Roxy earn their APDT Rally Puppy Championships with scores all over 200!

August AKC in Greensboro

Roxy wins AOH class and takes Herding Puppy Group 1 with Reggie Moorehead

June ASCA in Mebane, NC

Roxy wins her classes, and Summit earns Best of Breed Puppy at 2 shows!

May 5 and 6 APDT Trials in APEX

Crue turned in 3 perfect trials to earn his ARCHX title; Charlie finished her RLX2 and was 1 QQ short of her ARCHX.  Next time!!

April 28 and 29, 2012 ASCA agility at Paws4Ever in Mebane. 

Charlie's true competition debut in agility!!!!  She didn't Q, but turned in some incredible performance runs for her first time; can't wait til we get it together.  Crue Q'd on his second jumpers run ever (completely untrained) and convinced me to start training him!!

March 31, 2012 - UKC Hickory -

Charlie completed her UR02 in style; also earning a reserve Best in MultiBreed Show; bringing her point total to 60 and competition wins to 1!

March 22-25 - Raleigh AKC Shows -

Both dogs earned a single RA leg in the Jim Graham building and finished the weekend in Richmond at APDT shows - Crue earning his RLX2 and Charlie earning her RL3 level title!

  • April 8 AHBA Herding Test and Trial;


Feb 9 and 10, 2012


  • Crue competed in 3 UKC obedience trials; doing best in his 1st.  He handled every exercise well in that run and I was so proud of him, but he consistently lagged in heeling throughout the weekend and by the time we got to rally - he had obviously shut down.  Chock one up to me as a handler for not recognizing after the first trial he was just not ready for this, this weekend.  We'll go back to heeling basics and refrain from obedience until our rally goals are met, while continuing to work on obedience outside the ring.

  • Charlie did amazing - and that's saying something for a reactive dog.  She did not react to a single dog all weekend and turned in what I felt would have been a 100 performance… had I directed her to take a 360 left instead of the 360 right which I did. Again, chock one to the handler for being distracted by Crue's shutdown and not giving my full best to Charlie.  I, myself cost her her UR02 title leg…. a mistake I won't make again.  I was very happy with her attitude and attention.  She was an amazing girl for me!

  • Roxy charmed all wiggled for all who would greet her, dog and human.  After the trial was over we went through the UR01 course and at 12 weeks she could do every exercise except the sit, walk around (we hadn't worked on that).  She'll be ready at 6 months - so look out - I see her coming out of the gate STRONG! (May APDT, for exhibition only, and July APDT may be her debut!).

Jan 28 and 29, 2012
    • Crue competed in 3 APDT trials earning his RL-3, RL1X, and ARCH along the way.  He also earned 2 ARCHX legs (3 to go!)

    • Charlie competed in 3 APDT trials and earned her RL1X and ARCH, with her 2nd RL3 leg as well.  She earned 1 of 5 ARCHX legs

Dec 17 and 18, 2011
  • Crue and Charlie both earned 1 BN leg each (3rd and 4th place)

  • Crue earned one Novice Obedience Leg (CD) (2nd place)

Dec 10, 2011

  • APDT Rally in Glen Allen, Va at the Dude Ranch (great venue and judges!).
  • Dogs doubled Q'd in all 4 runs (2 in each level); Got awesome scores and are only needing 1 more QQ for their ARCHs!!!!!   1 perfect score of 210, and 3 - 209's among the scores!

C2P2 - UKC Rally Shows in Durham, NC 12/3/2011 and 12/4/2011

  • Crue qualified in 4 of 4 runs; earning his first 100 (perfect score!), his UR02, and all three legs for his UR03!  We're so impressed with this young man!

Charlie struggled with her dog reactions but still managed to work her way through 2 legs towards her UR02 title.  We're looking forward to February and our chance to get that last elusive leg!


CASC - Carolina Australian Shepherd Club Shows October 28-30, 2011.

Charlie won Best of Breed Altered in all 5 shows.  Kam showed against a tough junior class and placed (which we are very proud) second.  Charlie managed to qualify for 1 rally leg (ASCA - RN).  We've got a ways to go on her honor!  Obedience was not our sport this weekend, but Charlie did amazing in agility for her first time out with no training! She ran 1 clean jumpers run and failed to qualify by only 0.62 seconds.  We start classes in January, and we're excited about her potential in agility!


UKC Hickory Oct 8, 2011

Charlie and Crue competed on Saturday in Hickory, NC.  Crue and Charlie did not fare well in Rally due to distractions, and obedience due to handler errors, but conformation was a blast!

Crue won his class of Best Jr dog and took Reserve Best Dog (to a beautiful 5 yr old dog) in each show.  

Charlie made us so very proud in Altered Conformation with Best Jr. Female, Best Female, BEST OF BREED and GROUP 1 in BOTH shows!  The judge commented on how beautiful she moved and we have high hopes for this young lady in future altered competition!  Pictures to follow once received!

Sept 25th, 2011 APDT - Dude Ranch in Glen Allen, Va

Both dogs Double Q'd, though Charlie blew away Crue as competition.  He got the QQ's, with 1 pt; she got the QQ's with 56 points! I'm amazed at how they flip flop doing better than each other. Guess dogs have good days and bad days, too.

 Charlie and Crue attended APDT Trials at Durham Kennel Club on Sept 10 and 11, 2011.

 RL-2 earned; 1 bonus we couldn't due shy of an AOE; 1 RL3 leg and 4 additional ARCH or RLX1 Q legs.....working toward that ARCH

 Level 2 earned; 2 unpracticed Level 3 legs, and 5 ARCH or RLX1 or RLX2 Legs


On Labor Day Weekend 2011 in Raleigh, NC,  Charlie and Crue earned their AKC RNs!



On August 20th, 2011 - Charlie earned her UKC UR01, while Crue earned an additional leg toward his UR02 - 1 to go!


 July APDT came around and we tried this venue for the first time - LOVE it!  Gives me the opportunity to keep the dogs on their toes - they never know when I have treats in other venues because I treat them randomly here if I happen to be losing their attention.  Crue did Ok, but Charlie was a bit distracted and psyched him out.  He got one first place and 2 additional qualifying runs with scores all over 190; (with one NQ due to a small, eh hum, accident in the ring).  Little did I know a the time that that earned him and Award of Excellence.  Charlie did even better and Finished her RL1 with an Award of Excellence as well with a second, forth and fifth place.  In the fourth trial, although NQing in her jump attempt in level 2 (never practiced) she did get an ARCH and RLX1 qualifying leg for those two titles.  SO proud of how far these two dogs have come in such a short time!



Early in July we tried rally for the first time after a disasterous appearance in ASCA rally where both dogs refused to move.  I was reduced to tears and two gracious competitors and 4 wonderful ladies in addition came to my rescue.  I dusted myself off and practices like hell.  The kids we re ready and two days before; Charlie went into heat…. delaying her entry.  Just as well, Crue was nice and relaxed and surprised me with his amazing scores and took 3 straight first places to get his first rally title - UR01 in three tries.  We moved up for the fourth trial and got a second place in level 2 (which we hadn't practiced).  

 As Charlie retires from intact I thought I'd put together all her ribbons and a few good pictures of her as we went on our journey.