(Kennel Name Withheld) Last Tango in Paris - Rainbow Bridge  

Blue merle female with cream points and limited white.

MDR1 N/N by testing

OFA too young

July 2009 - October 2010 (Rest in Peace)

Tango was named after the tradition at her kennel of naming after movies, of naming after military names (Tango for T) and Paris for a little town in Maine which is my family's summer slice of heaven.

Tango was a beautiful merle with cream points.  She came of out the crate teeth first and never stopped.  She was highly reactive to my special needs son and 3 trainers were unable to help us with it until we discovered training for rally obedience.  Just as we had finally started breaking through with a strict training regime, she succumbed to what was either a liver shunt or a mass injestion of poisonous mushrooms.  We haven't seen the amount vets tell us her liver enzymes indicated she would have injested, so we suspect something else was at work.  Tango was a small 35 pounds and barely standard height.  We loved her - she was my husband's favorite.  We miss her every day and she started my mission to ensure I did a better job than I received from her breeder when I asked for guidance (and was turned away) and promised to educate myself and build a network so anyone who got a puppy from me in the long run would never go through what I did.  That's all I can say without crying or will say without making anyone angry.  

Tango was stunningly beautiful with a marbled left eye.  I learned my first "hands on" conformation faults with her.  Sway back, pacing gait, straight rear, no shoulder angulation… you name it - but she had the most amazing ear set!!!  And she grinned - she always grinned, just for us.  I miss that.

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Ice was a wonderful spirit soul who showed up literally on my doorstop on the lowest day of my life.  This Husky saw me and my daughter through my single mom years and stayed with me until I found the love of my life, had two more children and discovered Aussies.  He ushered me into a whole new me and a whole new life and we will never forget the mark he left on our lives!  

I told him I wasn't ready for him to go; but he looked up at me with those eyes and begged me to say goodbye.  I still thank him for giving me strength when I had none, getting me out of bed when there was nothing more I felt I could take, cuddling with me and my daughter during thunderstorms, and teaching me it was ok to love again even when you knew it would leave you some day.  When he knew I was in love - with my daughter, my baby girl, my monkey, my husband, and my stepsons - he decided it was time for him to go.  I will NEVER forgot you or the strength you brought me.


Thank you Ice!


Ice and Kam in 2004 or 5

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