MBIS R-BIS ARCHX UR02 UKC CH Faithwalk's C Troop 2nd Cavalry, BN, RL1-AOE, RL1X2, RL2, RL2X2, RL3, RL3X, RE (AKC), RN (ASCA), CQ-G1, CW-SR, CW-AR, CW-ZR1, JS-N, CL1-H, DNA-VP

Multiple BIS RBIS (UKC) CH ARCHX UR02 Faithwalk's C Troop 2nd Cavalry, BN, RL1-AOE, RL1X2, RL2X2, RL3, RL3X, RE (AKC), RN (ASCA), CQ-G1, CW-SR, CW-AR, CW-ZR1, JS-N (ASCA), CL1-H DNA-VP

Call name: Charlie

Charles Barkley is named in honor of my father.  He commanded C Troop in the 2nd Cavalry.  Charlie is the Army Phonetic alphabet letter for "C" .  Everything she's done is made all the more special because Charlie is a highly reactive dog.  Going out in public was once an extremely difficult thing for her to do.  Thanks to a reactive dog agility class - Charlie lives a happy and relaxed life here at home and also has the capability to trial and do her favorite things with me!   She is highly biddable and submissive, which I count as a blessing since a dominant dog with her reactivity could be difficult to manage.  I have to remember to never forget, that she is a reactive girl and must always manage her in public... but she's come so far!  Charlie is altered.

Qualifying Legs:

1 AHBA Herding Instinct Leg, 2 VALOR Jumpers leg, 1 CPE Agility Colors Leg,  Multiple ARCHEX QQs, PCD leg (AKC)

My first dog with qualifying runs in all 5 venues in which we compete


Charlie came home and we practiced conformation for a while.  She's great at it; moves well - stacks virtually on her own .... but as they say in the south.... bless her heart.  Those cute puppy ears just never stopped growing. 

This girl is as squishy as they come.  Flopping is virtually a full time hobby.  Funny when she was younger, it took me longer to realize that each time I let her do that and strange people or dogs approached, she lost a little trust in me.  We're working on that.  Although she is now a low level reactive dog, she is the smartest dog I've ever seen.  Having had her gives me an excellent perspective in which to frame how to work with difficult Aussies.

 When focused, this dog will NOT look away from me.  We run, stop on a dime, turn, spin, etc and she will not leave heel position....until you get her in a ring with 30 dogs staring her down.  We're practicing and entering as much as we can to teach her it's all ok!

She's done amazing and earned her ARCH - a rally title dogs work years for …. right as she turned 2!  Charlie continues to evolve and her focus at trials gets better and better.  At our home trial building, she is a star.  It's a closely monitored environment and one that is very friendly for reactive dogs.  She is comfortable there and does very well.  We're slowly getting out to other buildings and locations to build up her tolerance.

The boys have taught her to play catch with a ball - I have to learn how to post video - she catches and throws back better than my high school QB son! This is clearly one of her favorite games!  So is her newest love - AGILITY!  We began training and she struck her instructor speechless with her natural talent.  Can't wait to get her back for more!!!

'Charlie at 10 months.... too bad she never grew into her ears!

 Charlie's gorgeous dad and aunt (who looks enough like to her mom to have had me confused until her breeder straightened me out!)

Photo Credit: Jill Porter

This is how you will meet Charlie most of the time.  She's a floppy, loving, affectionate, submissive dog.  She adores her people and enjoys making new friends.  She is a little anxious so don't look right at her when you come up to say hi.  It's enough for her, for you to just stand there and soak in her presence, while she begins to figure out your intentions.  After that - she's all yours!