ARCHX UR03 Faithwalk's Shout at the Devil, CCD, BN, RL1-AOE, RL1X2, RL2, RL2X2, RL3X, RN (AKC/ASCA), CL1-F, JHD, CGC, DNA-CP

Published: Sunday, 19 January 2014 23:29

Crue is named for... well, Motley Crue! his registered name is a Motley Crue song title "Shout at the Devil".  Due to his bi-eyed look, I was pressured into naming him Marilyn Manson!  Glad I survived that! 

Titled in many venues:


UKC: UR01, UR02, UR03, 5 URX legs, 91 UROC points




Qualifying Legs

1 leg of 3 towards his AKC CD, 2 legs towards his PCD (Pre-Novice obedience)

1 ASCA jumpers leg, 1 ASCA Started Sheep Leg (STDs)

CPE Agility: 1 Standard Leg, 

APDT Rally; 3 ARCHEX leg

Crue is our boy - our Awesome boy.  He has filled our hearts, our home, and is teh quiet leader fo the pack.  He's just that kind of dog. He takes his role as guardian of our children very seriously.  I swear he COUNTS the kids getting off the bus to ensure each one gets off at the end of the day.  Quiet, patient, settled, and constantly watching.  His strong guardian instincts represent the Aussie standard perfectly.  A true breed standard Aussie when you meet him.  Once accepted, he'll quietly ask for affection and NEVER forget a treat!  He doesn't always see the point in trialing since he does all his trained behaviors naturally when helping us out around the house and yard... so he's taught me to take myself less seriously and HAVE FUN!!  I never act sillier than when I am trying to get him to play with me in rally obedience!  

Born: 09/08/10

Black tri, tan points and full collar.  Beautiful moderate and straight, easy to groom coat.

Left Eye Brown  Right Eye Blue


Free from Hereditary cataract mutation by parentage; and now testing verification

CERF - Clear

OFA - not yet evaluated


When he was offered to me as a pick puppy, I drove to meet him and his parents in Indiana.  His mom was sweet, and fun... but his dad was just an amazing personality.  I was smitten at first sight. 

Logan. (Picture credit to Jill Porter and where Crue and Charlie are both from ).  Logan had two of the most beautiful blue eyes I've ever seen and this calm, confident presence about himself.  As Crue's litter crawled all over me, Crue and his father were laying on the ground about 6 feet away watching all the commotion. Just like this...  He does this exact thing NOW when he watches our kids play outside.  Constantly watching what is going on.

He waited until the other pups got distracted, came up to me sniffed me gently, crawled into my lap and looked up at me with forever eyes.  I was done.  So was he.  I left with him 30 minutes later.  This boy has been zero trouble from day 1.  So easily potty trained.  Not as fast a learner as Charlie (but then who is?).  He is strongly food motivated and extremely biddable.  On my Aussie energy scale (which is a sliding scale compared to other breeds) he's a 1-2.  The only time he 'turns on' is a pen with sheep.  Then all the sudden he's sneaking away from you and crawling under the fence to become a whirling dervish until you bring him under control.  Two sessions was all it took for this boy to know exactly what he was supposed to do. He's got a great future.  He's a terrific kid dog, a cuddle dog, my guardian in the middle of the night with a nearly silent "ooff" just to let me know something isn't exactly right.  He settles as soon as I tell him it's ok.  

My eldest daughter has taken over his training and showing and is doing a fabulous job.  She's tackling herding, rally, obedience, and agility with him.  I am so proud of the two of them!  

Keep an eye out for him.  He finished his ARCH (APDT) rally championship before he was 18 months old! He moved into Novice obedience in CDSP, then will tackle UKC and finally ASCA and AKC. Kam is working on his UKC rally championship - his "UROC" as well.  She'll also continue rally in APDT (his ARCH EX) and in ASCA and AKC  RA, RE, and RM (ASCA).  He's ready in training; it's about he and Kam learning to work together in the ring.  Agility is also on his plate with CPE and ASCA as their focus.  

Crue is a silly goofy dog and spends most of his time harrassing Charlie into playing whatever game he deems fun at the time.  He's forever got us laughing!

Crue is the doofy clown, but also the first to calm.  Without a busy bone in his body… he's a dream to live with.

…but he rarely leaves the side of his favorite non-human companion!