Where are Aussies From?

My web designer put this in as a place holder... I laughed so hard... that I thought I'd leave it until I had time to put something together... I hope you enjoy his whacked out financial humor...


Aussies are a special breed.  They began in Australia, a debtors colony, as a rag tag bunch of mutts who were being imprisoned for bringing down Lehman Brothers. A couple of them also worked for Arthur Anderson.  They were all clicker trained to use an abacus.  While they were financial wizards, they simply could not cope with the proliferation of Microsoft Excel.  It was because of the pervasiveness of Excel and lack of functional digits (they couldnt type!) that the dogs blamed the discrepancies in the corporate books.

Later, a second group of dogs was exiled to Australia.  These dogs were from Merle Lynch.  They were in self-exile, because nobody liked them after they got into trading of derivatives as investment grade securities.  

The two groups of dogs needed money for raw hides, milk bones, and munchie sticks.  And bacon.  Through their financial prowess, they  realized that they could do it doggy style and sell their babies.  The first batch of puppies were quickly sold to people in Arizona.  However, because the dogs couldnt secure a loan in the economy they helped collapse, the puppies had to swim to Arizona.

When the puppies got there, they were dubbed "Aussies".

Rally in Action



I won't pretend to be perfect - we make alot of mistakes along the way - and usually someone is there to catch it!

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