About Us

Welcome to Sixx Aussies.  We are a small hobby farm focused on Australian Shepherds in central NC.  I've been exposed to Aussies since I was 23 and first moved to North Carolina.  I fell in love with a blue merle male who 'ran' the farm I had volunteered to exercise horses on.  He was in the paddock when I was prepping horses; in the ring while I was exercising and led every trail ride.  I swore one day I'd get one.

I caught the bug in the summer of 2009 and purchased my first Aussie pup from out west.  I won't mention her breeder because I'm not comfortable with the dog she gave me, nor the advice after the sale. I don't want searches to point to her. The breeder 'picked' a puppy for me and didn't show me any others.  Now, alot of breeders do this and I see the value... but she didn't do it at 4 or 5 weeks when you could see the temperament - she did it at 3-5 DAYS...But I had the bug and bit.  I made alot of mistakes and didn't ask enough questions.

We had problems with Tango from the start - she was sick when we got her with parasites and coccidia so potty training was difficult and she had a very large umbilical hernia that he breeder refused to help pay to fix - even though her vet had found it and documented it as well.  She nipped and bit everything - so we spent alot of time with soda cans filled with pennies being shaken!  She hung onto Ice's neck for dear life and the poor good natured boy just took it until one paw pinned her when he got sick of the game.  She didn't train easily and when I called her breeder for advice after she nipped my special needs son (who she always was reactive and uncomfortable with) she told me not to bother to ask to send her back, I might as well put her to sleep because that's what she'd do.  When I asked for help another time she told me in a mass email (to me and all her other 40 puppy buyers at that time) that her heart wasn't in it due to a family tragedy and we'd just have to read the books she recommended on her web site.  I was dumbfounded - after all, she had a partner in this and I would have expected to have been referred there!

I think we spent over a thousand dollars in training this Aussie who'd been placed in the wrong home... not a bad Aussie - just the wrong Aussie for a first time owner.  We learned to manage her around our special needs son.  And then we found clicker training!  Thank goodness!  She GOT it! Just like that.  Her training was going great and she was the first dog I thought about doing rally with.  Right about that point, she passed away suddenly and left a hole in our hearts.  As hard as she was...she always had an Aussie grin for us, always wanted to cuddle and be near, and was always up for fun!

Regardless of the issues, Tango worked her way well into our hearts.  You'll find I give a little too much info about my dogs.  I do this because I want you to know how yours will be when you get a puppy from me.  All of mine have had traits of each parent - good and bad. So I'll tell you about those.  After I had called about Tango being reactive and nipping - her breeder told me her mom was the same way!  I'll put it all out there.   I value and respect the puppy buyer's right to get the dog that looks the way they want, but please understand, my goal is to make sure you also get the DOG you want.  The right fit for an Aussie makes all the difference.  I will refer you to a reputable breeder who will be able to help you, if my puppies/dogs are not a good fit.  The good news - I have a drivey performance dog, a couch potato Aussie (one of the best kinds for new Aussie people), a calm but watchful guardian who is a dream to live with, and my ideal type of Aussie who can do anything... but also will wait until you are ready to initiate the activity.  I also have a silly, anxious floppy girl, but because of that anxiety and attention to the health status of the dogs behind her - she has been spayed.  We have a terrific network of responsible breeders who form a very close network in the Carolinas - the Aussie Posse!  We'll all do whatever we can to support you and your Aussie, whether a family member or dog sport competitor - we'll help you find the resources you need.   

There is a right home for every type of Aussie... but every Aussie is not right for every home.  So if you are looking for an Aussie - find a reputable breeder, do your breed research, be ready to put alot into them, search your soul, and listen to people who know the breed - THEN and only then, think about adding one of these wonderful dogs to your family.

In early 2010, we received the sad news of terminal illnesses in my two long time dogs, and we had to put them to sleep.  At the time this left only Tango in our home.  I began a heart fueled search to help fill the gap.  This search brought Charlie, Faithwalk's C Troop Second Cavalry into the family.  Charlie started as as pet and I quickly realized her unique coloring, angles, and topline could make her a contender in conformation.  This started our journey into dog sports.  Jill Porter, her breeder, graciously allowed me to change her registration to allow her to be shown.  She competed in approximately 25-30 shows before I 'retired her' and opted to have her spayed due to both issues she was experiencing and ones which Jill contacted to let me know had popped up in her maternal line, as she was the last intact dog of that line.  So we made the decision together to spay her.  I will be eternally grateful for Jill's trust and confidence in me.  

After tragically and suddenly losing Tango - we had another hole in our heart.  Jill quickly offered to place her pick boy from her current litter.  She tells me now that she wanted to see him go to a home and reach his fullest potential and I think he gets to do that.  This time I drove to meet the parents and loved them both.  A day later I came home with Faithwalk's Shout at the Devil  (Crue) - Charlie is related on her father's side to Crue (Crue's grandfather is Charlie's dad).  He's amazing!  There is no better family Aussie out there.

All my dogs proudly compete and are registered with ASCA, AKC, APDT/WCR, CPE, C-WAGS, CDSP, USDAA, and UKC.  We either already compete or are training towards rally, obedience, agility, herding, and conformation in each venue.

We have anywhere between 2 to 5 (human) kids on any given day and two cats to round out the family!  It's crazy around here, but our Aussies are calm, well adapted house dogs who like nothing better than to sleep on an air conditioning vent or play catch with the older boys!  And training? They love it.  Up for fun - Yep!  Nap?  CUDDLE TIME!

Our name and dogs names may throw you for a loop.  I venture back and forth between honoring my family's 5 generations of military history (Charlie) and my husband's former life as a metal singer (Crue - as in Motley Crue!).  Our dogs are all named after combinations of metal music and military heritage (sometimes both!)  where breeders let us!  

Welcome to our home on the web!  Please, stay a while, look around, and meet our dogs!